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We strive to give our clients all the information we can so they can make informed choices about their pets veterinary care.

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Top 10 Flea Myths

5 Facts About Flea Allergy Dermatitis

The Truth About Ticks 

Lyme Disease and Vaccines

Getting Kitty to the Vet (tips)

Tick ID Card

Adjusting to Arthritis

Wellness Care Saves Money

Heart Disease and Heart Failure Brochure

Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy: Steps for Home Administration

Outdoor Safety 

What You Should Know About Vaccines

Your Dog's Physical Exam

Your Cat's Physical Exam

Parasites At a Glance

7 Myths About Lyme Disease

Microchipping FAQ

At-Home Tips For Diet Trials

Osteoarthritis In You Senior Cat

What You Need To Know About Your pet's Pain

Internet Information vs. Misinformation

Watch for These Signs of Illness in Your Older Cat

What To Do If Your Pet Gets Poisoned

10 Signs of Illness in Cats

Pet Obesity: Get a Handle on Health Risks

How to identify Inappropriate Elimination In Cats

Signs Your Pet Needs To See the Vet

10 Easy Steps to Housetrain Your Dog

Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Teaching Your new Puppy the Right Way to Play

Preventing Disease: why diagnostic Tests Are Important to Your Pet

Enrichment For Household Cats

Your Cat's Environmental Needs

The Savy Dog Owners Guide: Nutrition on the Internet

The Savy Cat Owners Guide: Nutrition on the Internet

Calorie Requirements for the Cat

Calorie Requirements for the Dog

Caring For Your Pet After Surgery

Why Your Home is a Flea Magnet

6 "Dental Health" Products Your Dog Shouldn't Chew On

Top 10 Human Medications That Poison Pets

Poison Proof Your Home

Top 10 Toxins: Protect Your Dog and Cat From Common Dangers

Your Dog's Mouth & Teeth

Your Cat's Mouth & Teeth

Bad Breath in Pets

How To Brush Your Pet's Teeth

What's In Your Cat's Mouth

Feline House-Soiling - Useful Information for Cat Owners

The Facts About Growling